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Self-Mastery Tools

Many factors contribute to the increased symptoms of stress many are experiencing during these uncertain times. Here are some carefully selected practices to help you thrive as you bring your best to your families and your team. Each tool is designed to help you reduce stress, conserve energy, and build emotional resiliency. Share what's working for you with others as you practice these simple self-management strategies.

Manage Stress through Better Breathing
Breathing - with teachings
00:00 / 12:58
Breath - short
00:00 / 03:14

Breathing sounds boring, but it is an amazing life hack. Experience the power of conscious breathing for yourself and learn why it works in the first recording. Use the shorter one for a quick refresher.... Then practice on your own whenever you feel stress take you over. You can quickly unwind your body's stress response in just a few breaths. Check out the Breathing App for a free and simple tool to help you build a new habit.

Increase Presence and Relieve Tension
Relaxation - with teachings
00:00 / 15:26
Relaxation - short
00:00 / 02:05

Most people hold tension in their bodies without even knowing it. Listen and try these techniques for letting it go. You'll be surprised by how much better you feel at the end of the day. Learn more and deepen your practice with body scan offerings from apps like Calm, Insight Timer, and Balance.

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