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Growing Through the Enneagram

The Enneagram combines ancient wisdom with modern psychology to create a powerful tool for understanding ourselves and others. It has been adopted by a rapidly growing number of organizations, both public and private, to help develop individuals and teams. It works so well because as each person becomes more aware of their own ways of being, they also become more compassionate toward others. This understanding dramatically improves relationship dynamics within the workplace and in families.


The Enneagram reveals aspects of our being that have been hidden from us. After decades of being immersed in our unconscious personality patterns, it can be difficult to see ourselves clearly and a huge relief when we finally do for we can then drop the old believes and reactions that have held us back and choose new responses.

You can take the assessment here for $12 - choose the RHETI test. Find a quiet space and time to take the assessment. Plan on 45 minutes to be sure you have enough time — it is time well spent as most people find the test itself an interesting process. If you find it difficult to answer a particular question, think of how you would have behaved when you were younger. This will provide a more accurate result.


After taking the assessment, you may find the report you receive overwhelming — most people need to read it a few times to allow certain truths to sink in. Remember to look at the positives as well as the challenges. We all tend to focus on the negatives, but every type has wonderful gifts that can be developed. It is helpful to show your report to those who know you well as others often see us more clearly than we can see ourselves.

I have created a Getting Started Guide to help you find your way through the information in your report, so you can experience the benefits quickly. You'll find that here. If you would like more information on the Enneagram in general, visit the Enneagram Institute's website.

Enjoy the process. You are fascinating!!

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