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  • Sharon Wallen

Changing the World Starts Within. Start Now!

As many of you know, I started teaching the Enneagram in a big way several years ago. Amongst all of the growth and healing modalities I have learned as a coach and the certifications I have earned as a leadership development consultant, this is the most powerful game-changer I have found for clients. Those who know me can attest to the huge beneficial effect it has had on my own life.

The Enneagram reveals aspects of our personality that have been hidden from us. After decades of being immersed in our unconscious ego patterns, it is nearly impossible to see ourselves clearly and a huge relief when we finally do. Because once we see those patterns we can let them go and become a more powerful

force for good in the world.

I recommend the Enneagram to every Human who wants to get better at Being.

While it is helpful to work with a certified teacher or coach, you can learn a lot on your own. The upcoming Enneagram Global Summit is a great place to begin. From December 6-10 the best Enneagram teachers in the world will gather virtually to share with us. You can join for free here:

Of course, they offer an upgrade package for those who want to have access to the content after the program ends. As part of my crusade to bring this knowledge to young people, I would like to help anyone under age 30 who wants to do the work but cannot afford the upgrade to purchase it. I seriously wish I had known at that age what I know now. I’ve got $2600 left to devote to this cause as I believe helping the next generation is the way we lift our planet out of darkness and into the light. If you know of such a committed, passionate person, please pass my offer along. They can reach me at

I'm sending you all wishes for happiness and wholeness this holiday season!


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Jet Tucker
Jet Tucker
Dec 02, 2021

I was so happy to see you offer this, Sharon! Can't wait to attend!

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