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  • Sharon Wallen

Hatch Yourself

Feeling overwhelmed? Anxious? Exhausted? You are not alone. The whole world is curled up in a ball right now, but you don't need to be. Maybe it's time you broke free of your habitual ways of thinking about life and how you live it. Maybe it's time you Hatched!

There was a time in my life when I was stuck in the midst of a normal, familiar, and by all outward appearances, successful life, but I was asleep in it. I wasn't showing up as my biggest, best, healthiest, or happiest self, not by a long shot. I was on autopilot along the highway of least resistance, numbing out, hiding from this truth, and it was killing my spirit.

This happens to most of us as we move into adulthood. We become so exhausted as we try to meet expectations and so overwhelmed by our unconscious patterns that we start going through the motions rather than really Living. The scary part is that from within this somnambulistic state, we are unaware that more is possible. There is a sort of hypnosis that makes us believe we're all set (or we just decide that it's enough if other people believe we're all set).

When I look back upon that part of my journey, I see that limited, robotic state as a confining shell. I may have felt the illusion of safety for me and my family within it, but growth was impossible. The human organism is born to grow and develop on every level — physically, mentally, and spiritually — and, aside from brief periods of rest and integration, our system eventually starts to shut down if we fail to do so. (We collectively — and mistakenly — call these symptoms Aging.)

A dear friend recently sent me a photo of those old days. It's very interesting to study it from my new perspective of being largely free of the tyranny of anxious and resentful thoughts that used to run unchecked through my head. I can feel that mind spinning as I let the photo take me back through the decades. I can see the tension even in this happy moment as I sat watching a parade. But probably most disturbing is that I can see that same tension in the faces of my children. Why aren't they smiling on a beautiful Fourth of July?

In my 25 years of study and practice since those days, I've learned that the energetic frequencies of emotion, especially the emotions we try to hide, are contagious. And the youngest among us are sponges just soaking it up. Even with parents who had the best of intentions as mine did, I know I absorbed negative emotions during my childhood, as you did, and as our parents did during theirs, and as their parents did before them, and onward back through our known human history. What if we could break the cycle and make more people aware of this phenomenon? What if we could pass along the tools of self-awareness that could help people everywhere master their inner workings and create healthier habits of thought and emotion? What if we could teach these tools to our children before they become parents?

This is what we need to do to heal our world.

I've devoted my life to this mission, amassing many tools that I use every day — first to try to keep my own energy healthy and then to share with leaders and coaching clients from all over the world. These tools include mindful practices, meditation, the Work of Byron Katie, the wisdom of Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle, and the ancient teachings of the Enneagram — all have up-leveled my life in miraculous ways.

But before I discovered any of that, a seemingly small event transpired that awakened me to better ways of being. I've written a book about those early days called Hatched: How Nine Little Chicks Cracked My Shell. As I look for ways to help more people, it makes sense to start at the beginning and share what helped me before I even knew I needed help.
Hatched describes a dozen foundational lessons that can lift the energy of the planet, one person at a time. Be prepared for these insights to wake you up to new choices in how you think, how you show up, how you parent, how you eat, how you love, how you make decisions, and how you let go.

I'd love for my story to inspire you to peck a few holes in your shell — you might even find yourself wanting to kick the whole damn thing off as I eventually did.

You can get your copy here. Available in paperback or ebook.

Stay tuned for information on virtual events where I'll answer your questions about the concepts in the book and we can all come together to learn from each other. There is tremendous world-hatching power in that!

Love, Sharon

Here's a recent review. Please visit for more.

"I LOVE Sharon Wallen's writing; it's humorous, insightful, philosophical and provocative. I recognized myself at once in her story and was irresistibly drawn into a journey of my own that has resulted in a much-changed life and world view that I hoped for, but didn't know was possible. With the uncertainty that pervades our world these days, this is the ideal book at the perfect time. To the question of whether to buy and read this book....Say YES! You'll be SO glad you did!"

Marguerite P.


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