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  • Sharon Wallen

How We Can Change the World

It's easy to feel powerless when we look around our world. The problems are so big, so far beyond us, and so scary that we tend to either cower in fear or shudder with rage or both. Some people take to the streets and march to demand change. I've always admired those people, but that's not my natural course of action — I've always felt I'm too innately quiet to be effective out there. If you are wired like me, you may feel hopeless and helpless these days. But you're not.

"What kind of world do you want? Think anything."

~ From the song World by John Ondrasik, Five for Fighting

There is a ancient universal law, called the Law of Correspondence that says, "As above, so below. As within, so without." This is the basis of the Law of Attraction and we can harness its power to change our outer world by changing our inner world. Our personal inner world is comprised of our habitual thoughts and the energetic emotions they evoke. This energy is contagious. When we are consumed by fearful or angry thoughts, we radiate fearful or angry energy to the people around us, who then pass it along, and so on. In this way, a single negative person with a big list of followers can unleash a tidal wave of negativity upon the planet. This negative energy is another kind of pollution and we're drowning in it. It is literally destroying everything we love. While one person has the power to start this wave, we all possess the power to stop it. Just take a stand and decide. Say to yourself, "It stops here."

While we can't do anything to change what another person thinks about or how they feel, we can choose our own thoughts and emotions. You have the power to shift your focus from the fear and anxiety now pouring out from almost every mouth and media orifice to a positive vision of the world you'd like to see — it just takes a little practice. Here are some ways to begin:

1. Stop the Onslaught

Before you can engage your brain in the effort of shifting from negative to positive, you first have to free it from the tyranny of stress. Start by becoming aware of the sources of negative thought and emotion that you are choosing to drink from each day. These are causing your body to pump out stress hormones almost constantly, which compromises the thinking center of your brain. What can you do to limit that flow? Do you need to read every terrifying news story in its entirety? Do you need to have the cable news channel on 24/7? Or would a quick glance at the headlines do to keep you informed? Is a horror movie or murder-filled drama really the best choice for your beautiful mind? Can you spend less time with people who are wrapped up in negativity? What if you went for a walk in nature or listened to some beautiful music instead? Try this for a week and see how much better you feel. That's all it takes to start reducing the production of stress hormones in your body and clear your head a bit.

2. Choose a Positive Focus

Once you have reclaimed some of your cognitive ability, you will be empowered to choose what you think about. Create a vision of the world you want. Write it down. Sing it. Paint it. Dance it! You can literally think anything and the energetic resonance of those positive thoughts and feelings will start attracting aspects of what you are envisioning into your reality. Good thoughts attract good things! But the real prize is how much better you will feel as your body starts to heal from the damage done by all of that stress. You'll enjoy feelings of well-being, peace, and joy more frequently. And when the old emotional states of fear or anxiety reappear, just shift your focus to your positive vision again. Be patient and gentle with yourself — it takes awhile to change a habit. Refocus, refocus, and refocus again. Embody the positive energy and then pass it on. Remember: You are not doing it just for you. You are helping to create a better world.

I'll be sharing my personal journey along this path in the days ahead. Those who know me well can attest to the ways in which my outer world has reflected my increasing positivity, inner wellness, and peace over the years. Love and abundance have flowed to me in miraculous ways — and I'm changing the world by passing that energy and the tools I've found helpful along to you ... and you ... and you.

"Let's build a masterpiece. History starts now."

~ From the song World by John Ondrasik, Five for Fighting

Now go listen to the song for some motivation.

Then share your thoughts in the comments or send me a note. We all learn from each other.


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