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That's me rising out of a pyramid in Egypt in 2018. It's not your typical headshot, but I can't think of a better image to represent my journey toward mastery or yours.


We have to crouch, or even crawl on our bellies in places, if we want to discover all there is to see within the deeper levels of existence. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to find some handrails left by those who've gone before us. And, because we are alive and able to take the trip at all, we might as well all put a big smile on our faces.

The ancient Egyptians as well as many other societies in the past knew things about human potential that we have forgotten. I love searching for such wisdom so I can test various teachings in my own life and share them with you. I am also an engineer with a profound interest in the latest scientific discoveries regarding the true nature of reality and what that says about our innate power to build a healthy body, an abundant life, and a harmonious world.


What fascinates me most is where the two meet — there is an edge where we can benefit from what science knows for sure while also exploring mysteries that science has not yet figured out how to measure. When we walk on that edge, we become the chief scientists of our own lives by designing experiments that reveal what works for us and what does not.​

What would you like to explore next?

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