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Hatched has hatched!

Hatched: How Nine Little Chicks Cracked My Shell


This is the much anticipated rewrite of What I've Learned From Chickens,
the story of my first stirrings out of the fitful sleep of comfort and routine.


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"Someone I barely knew handed me this book one day while I was grieving a loss and wondering if I’d ever make my dreams come true. As the lessons in each chapter unfolded, my excitement, hope, and determination grew. I hatched, too! Since reading it (I’ve done so three times) my outer world barely resembles the one I inhabited prior to reading Wallen’s book. More spectacularly, my inner world has undergone a seismic shift; in an entirely positive way. As a psychotherapist, this is now priority recommended reading for my clients who wonder whether there is more for them in this life."


Magner Peruto, LMHC

"While I chuckled initially at the thought of " the tao of chickens", the author has a clear and engaging voice that drew me in immediately. Her observations on the parallels of raising chickens and living a mindful life were undeniably thought provoking. This is the type of book that you read in one sitting and immediately recommend to others, wanting to share and discuss the author's insights. I look forward to reading more from this author in the future."


Jen Unsworth

"A very enjoyable read with many thought-provoking stories and lessons. I appreciate the way the author tells her story in such an honest and open way. She invites the reader into her life and into her mind. A quick but very memorable read."


Theresa Solinger

"We, as humans, like to see ourselves as intelligent beings compared to other animals but forget to enjoy the simple things in life or live in the moment.... With tasteful humor and simple, vibrant language, Hatched shares its brilliant and deep messages quite effectively. I couldn't get enough of the cuteness and the allure of the chicks as I imagined the vividly described events in the book. From the youngest to the oldest, every discerning mind has something to learn from seeing the world through the eyes of a contented, lively chick as taught in Hatched."

5 Star Review By Foluso Falaye for Readers’ Favorite

Who would imagine that chickens are capable of teaching us how to live a better life? Sharon Wallen did.... Between happy and sad moments, Hatched will open readers' eyes to chickens — and life too.

Hatched is a book that will help those who aspire to improve themselves, and the advice they find here will be useful in both professional and private life. In particular, Wallen's reflections after the death of the rooster made me think of things that I would never have imagined. Both this and the other lessons have helped me see things from a new point of view. It is about time someone gave chickens the recognition they deserve, and I am glad Wallen is the writer who did it because she is wise and sensitive. I hope Hatched will be an inspiration to all those looking for their way or who, after having found it, do not want to lose it.

5 Star Review By Astrid Iustulin for Readers’ Favorite

The sequel to Hatched is coming Fall 2024...

A Prayer From The Outhouse:
Finding Blessings in the Chaos of Addiction
Here's the blurb:

After a devastating divorce, a woman gets swept away in a dazzling dream and goes to live in a small cabin on 40 wild acres without grid power or running water. There, she must overcome her many fears while raising her son — and eventually herself — with the help of beloved farm animals, and in spite of the turmoil caused by a sometimes-charming addict she calls Dud. Her lessons become ours as she shares how living with the chaos of addiction helped her loosen her grip on control, surrender to a higher power, and learn to love herself.

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